A man from Ottumwa Iowa is facing multiple charges after he attacked another man last weekend.

The 33-year-old identified as Jay McIntosh has been charged with willful injury (Class C felony), second-degree burglary (Class D felony), and interference with official acts (simple misdemeanor).

Jay McIntosh, Wapello County Jail
Jay McIntosh, Wapello County Jail

The incident happened on July 30th. McIntosh approached an occupied vehicle and attempted to strike the victim inside. The person in the car was able to roll up their window just in time not to get hit.

Police said that during the altercation, McIntosh put his hands around the victim next and attempted to choke him. He then grabbed the victim's genitals, twisting and pulling.


The victim later told officers he believed McIntosh was trying to forcibly detach his genitals from his body.

When officers told McIntosh he was going to be detained, he became belligerent and refused to follow orders. He was then put under arrest, though he repeatedly pulled his arm away from officers as they attempted to take him into custody.

McIntosh was transported to the Wapello County Jail. His bail has been set at $15,000.

McIntosh entered a not guilty plea during a Monday court appearance.

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