A video shared to Reddit from a zoo over the weekend has gone completely viral, showing just how orangutans feel about possums being in their enclosure - hint: It's the same way you'd feel about one being in your house. He's gotta go.

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The original poster on Reddit shared the video and had some context to share with us about the incident.

Apparently, the possum was on the ground, where he was being tossed around by the orangutan but managed to escape up the pole.

"Was throwing the possum around on the ground at first, then chased it up the pole and started poking it with a stick." j___---h wrote.

The guy then said the throw of the year was out of his own enclosure, sending the possum over the wall and into the enclosure next door where some other orangutans lived. The thrower hung from the top of his tower to see where his throw ended up.

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According to Perth Zoo, the fate of the possum is unknown, but they're assuming he didn't make it out of the other pit.

"I would presume it did not survive the fall. Obviously, the loss of any living creature saddens us, but also nature playing out," a spokesperson said.

Check out the video here:

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