Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee announced Tuesday that Motley Crue are heading out on tour for one final time. Even though we all know rock star "retirements" don't last, the Crue swears this is it.  Vince said, quote, "We just want to go out on top.  Leave a legacy behind.  We won't be doing any more concerts after this.  This is the final tour."
They're even calling this tour "The Final Tour" . . . and they made it "official" by signing what they called a BINDING agreement that bans them from touring as Motley Crue past the end of 2015.

The tour stops in the Quad Cities November 9 at the iWireless Center.  Tickets go on sale Saturday, but you can get a jump on everybody else with a pre-buy sale Thursday morning at 10:00.  Tune in and we'll give you the code word needed to buy your tickets.

Around 7:30 tomorrow morning, be listening as we get more details from Tommy Lee.

David Livingston, Getty Images