The OG is offering all of us an opportunity to go that extra mile this Valentine's Day with a gift that won't be anything less than loved.

As a part of the Olive Garden Valentine's Day ToGo Dinner for Two, the restaurant is offering the ability to pick up a bouquet and chocolates along with the three course meal. This is no ordinary bouquet, it's a bouquet of Olive Garden's mouth-watering, warm, buttery breadsticks.

Last year, the company made a template available online for the bouquet, to make it yourself. This year, they're allowing you to get one in store when you pick up the meal, and the template is still available.

The Valentine's Dinner ToGo Dinner for Two, starts at $34.99 and is a three course meal. It comes with breadsticks or soup, dipping sauce for the breadsticks, and Five-Cheese Ziti al Forno. For an added charge, the ziti can be swapped for chicken alfredo. You also get a dessert, with a pick between Black Tie Mousse Cake, or Tiramisu.

Get this, and don't fight the crowds this Valentine's Day.

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