Oklahoma's bounty on Bigfoot has grown to nearly $2.1M just a few weeks after the state proposed a bill to allow for the capture of the mythical creature.

The only rules for redeeming the bounty are that the Sasquatch must be unharmed, and can't injure any other people or break any laws in the process.

Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey originally suggested that lawmakers set aside a $25,000 bounty for the beast's capture.

I'm pretty sure Sam Elliott already took care of Bigfoot, a few years after he killed Hitler;

State tourism officials are now in the process of creating Bigfoot promotional license plates, decals, annual commemorative tracking licenses, and "Bigfoot Checkout Stations."

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The plan is to sell annual Bigfoot tracking permits across the state, the profits going to the communities they're purchased in.

Humphrey's goal with the bill is to draw in tourists in a safe, affordable way.

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