A man in Oklahoma is offering a $40,000 reward for information on the jerk who shot and killed their two miniature donkeys.

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What Happened In Oklahoma?

In a distressing act of animal cruelty, a family in Mounds, Oklahoma, lost their two beloved miniature donkeys last year. To bring the perpetrator(s) to justice, the family has now doubled the reward from $20,000 to $40,000 for any information leading to the conviction of the person responsible.

How Were The Donkeys Killed?

The donkeys, named Pete and Patsy, were mysteriously shot and killed on their property in 2023. The owner, Dave Willhite, who had raised and cherished the animals for 21 years, told 2 News he has not returned to the land since he buried the donkeys in March last year.

Dave willhite
Dave Willhite

It's just baffling to think someone could randomly kill innocent animals for no apparent reason, expressed Willhite. They were not just two donkeys in a pasture. They were my friends.

Willhite believes the crime was targeted, although there are no solid leads to back this belief. Following the announcement of the $20,000 reward last year, the family decided to double it in a bid to entice anyone with vital information to come forward.

Willhite commented, We’re not millionaires, but this means that much to us. I will do everything in my power to get justice for Pete and Patsy. They did not deserve this.

Family of donkeys outdoors in spring. Couple of donkeys on the meadow
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How Does The Community Feel About This?

Willhite appreciated the outpouring of support from the community and from people across the country who offered monetary aid and even proposed giving him a new donkey.

But a new pet isn’t the focus, Willhite insists, it's about bringing justice to Pete and Patsy. He remains hopeful that the raised reward of $40,000 will convince someone to come forward with valuable information.

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