In a horrifying incident, an Oklahoma highway patrolman was thrown into the air after the vehicle he pulled over was hit by another car. The entire episode was captured on camera, showing the brutal reality of the dangers faced by highway patrol officers daily.

KOCO 5 News
KOCO 5 News

Who Is The Officer?

State Trooper Jesse Gregory was conducting a routine traffic stop on a freeway in Yukon, Oklahoma. A white SUV that he had pulled over for a discussion was abruptly hit by another vehicle, the impact of which caused the officer to be tossed about, with no time to prepare or protect himself.

KOCO 5 News
KOCO 5 News

Watch The Video

The video was recently released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, capturing the shocking event on film. This footage dramatically illustrates the risks taken by these officers when dealing with vehicles on the side of high-speed roads.

Miraculously, Officer Gregory escaped this potentially fatal accident without any major injuries. In an official statement, his employers confirmed that he was safe following the incident. Incredibly, the two other people involved in the collision were also reported to be okay.


Distracted Driving Warning

The release of this video was aimed to serve as a stern reminder to drivers of the importance of safe road habits. These include slowing down, moving over to the shoulder, and being alert of the traffic when an officer is conducting a traffic stop. The harrowing video paints a vivid picture of the dangerous scenarios patrol officers like Gregory are faced with and the urgent need for all drivers to exercise caution and responsibility on the roads.

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Authorities continue to underscore the importance of following traffic laws and safety guidelines to protect both drivers and officers and prevent similar accidents in the future.

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