Tulsa police say a man parked in a handicap spot led to the drug trafficking arrest of two people on Wednesday afternoon.

The Tulsa Police Department say they responded to a Walgreens near 51st and Memorial around 2:45pm after getting reports of a man parked in a handicap spot, where he was smoking what the caller thought might be methamphetamine.

Officers arrived to find the vehicle described in reports in the handicap spot without a handicap tag, but the driver was not in the vehicle. So, the officer waited outside until he returned and made contact with him.

Police say the suspect, named Logan Bacon, showed the officer a handicap tag that was on the floorboard of the vehicle, but admitted that the tag was not his. The officer ran a search on some information about Bacon, where he found Bacon was wanted on a warrant, so he was arrested.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office
Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

During the arrest, police say Bacon resisted another officer's attempt to recover an item from his pocket. When they finally retrieved the item, they found it to be a small balloon filled with white powder. A test of the substance revealed it to be fentanyl. Another small bag of fentanyl was found in Bacon's vehicle.

Employees of the store told officers there was a woman with Logan Bacon, who was stealing things from the store. She ran out while officers were talking to Bacon. Officers said they searched the area and found her, Caitlan Ellingson, hiding out inside a nearby marijuana dispensary.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office
Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

Bacon was arrested for trafficking fentanyl, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and parking in a handicap spot. Ellingson was also wanted on three Tulsa County felony warrants for failing to appear in court.

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