A member of the Oklahoma state House of Representatives named Justin Humphrey just introduced a bill to create an official Bigfoot hunting season.


He wants the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to "set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees."

The wildlife commission isn't hot on the idea, saying "Here at the department, we use science to make management decisions, and we do not recognize Bigfoot as a wildlife species."

If it were passed, the act would take effect on November 1st. The Oklahoma Legislature will meet again on February 1st, which will be when they review the bill.

Humphrey represents House District 19, a southeastern area of Oklahoma famous for its Bigfoot sightings according to Fox 25. 

What better way to celebrate the mythical creature by having an open season? I'd love to have a stuffed Bigfoot next to my fireplace, as long as it doesn't look like the one from that Sam Elliot movie.

Read more at Fox News

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