When you order a pizza, you're probably already paying absurd amounts for delivery. My average order is about $35-$40, but this pizza place is tempting you to spend more money, and have a years-long commitment.

Just Pizza & Wing Co. in Amherst, New York, is attaching flyers to its boxes to show off adoptable dogs. Niagara SPCA paired up with the restaurant to promote the animals in their shelter that are looking for a home.

One day of the promotion led to a 6-month-old named Larry being adopted.

If you adopt one of the dogs, you not only get a new best friend and companion, but you also get a $50 gift card to the pizza joint.

The shop normally goes through about 600-800 boxes a week, but since the story went viral of their puppy promotion, they went through 500 boxes this weekend alone.

Mary Alloy, the owner or Just Pizza & Wing Co, is constantly looking to give back to her community. She's helped with everything she can, such as donations to autism centers, children's hospitals, animal shelters, hospice care, and non-profit medical organizations.

She wishes she could do some volunteer time at Niagara SPCA, but is too busy with the pizza place.

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