As temperatures continue to bottom out and nearly the entire US is below freezing this week - leading to power outages, and people doing whatever it takes to stay warm.

Many people will use space heaters to stay warm and assist their furnace, but space heaters use a lot of electricity and if they're plugged into an overloaded outlet, things can take a bad turn quickly.

That bad turn can lead to the loss of homes.

If you haven't been eating any fish in your house, but notice you've been getting a whiff of fish, then you have a much bigger problem.

Fishy Smell is A Sign of Danger


When someone says "Something smells fishy," they are normally speaking metaphorically, but in this case, it's a literal thing.

If there is a fishy smell being emitted in your home in your home but you haven't made fish recently, you are already in grave danger. It means something is already on fire and you need to get out of your home before the worst could happen.

Experts say that a fish smell or fish odor in your home almost always will mean that there's either an electrical fire happening, or about to start.

Electric Fires Smell Fishy, But Why?


Many people say an electrical fire emits a fishy scent instead of a burning plastic odor, according to experts at Black Hills Inc. Unfortunately, the fishy smell typically means it has just started and your house is about to burn down.

The electricians at Black Hills Inc. note this about that fishy smell,

"The fish odor is caused by electrical components overheating that haven’t begun to burn up. Their heat-resistant chemical coatings can also release a fishy odor when they are burned."

You can definitely tell when you have an electrical fire by the fishy or burning plastic smell. If you can smell those, you're in extreme danger and need to leave immediately.

How To Prevent Electrical Fires


It's pretty easy to prevent electrical fires. Don't think you can plug everything into one outlet just because there's an open outlet is one easy tip.

There are several ways prevent electrical fires, and the experts with the U.S. Fire Administration have a full list.

Some easy ones include:

  • Never use an extension cord with a major appliance.
  • Insert plugs fully into their sockets.
  • Use power strips that have internal overload protection.
  • Replace old, worn, or damaged extension cords right away.
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