Bears kicker Cody Parkey should feel a little better following this weekend, because more than 100 people failed to make the 43-yard field goal that he missed in last week's playoff game against the Eagles.

Goose Island set up some goalposts in the street outside of their brewery in Chicago and offered free beer for a year to anybody who could make the kick. No one could make it, the crowd went 0-for-101. Here's video of the entire event:

In order to make it as authentic as possible, Goose Island put down "NFL regulation" astro-turf and had kickers use the same amount of steps that the professionals use. The footballs weren't snapped to a placeholder though, they were instead kicked off a stand.

Weather conditions were not ideal, the first contestant wiped out when he slipped in the snow. A lot of kickers struggled to make good contact with the football.

Some contestants got close, but in the end no one ended up winning. Goose Island had to change the prize to an all-expenses-paid trip to an NFL game, since offering free booze is against the law in Illinois.

This guy probably had the closest kick of the day:

Since there were no winners, the brewery donated $20,000 to the Lurie Children's Hospital, Cody Parkey's chosen charity.

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