Motley Crue have stated before that they'll stop the current farewell tour with a gig at The Whiskey A Go Go, where they got their start.  Now, they seem to be back peddling a bit.  It now seems as though their last gig will be at The Staples Center or some equally as intimate.

It's this reporters opinion that the egos of a stadium band would be tarnished if they were to have to sink to the level of a Vince Neil solo gig and go back to working a club.  Nikki mentioned that the semantics of putting a show on at the club were such that the show wouldn't start until 4 am because they'd have to come after the big 20,000 seater show.  Not sure why they wouldn't just do a different night instead of cramming 2 farewell shows in.

If they have any decency, they'll do a surprise gig, film it,  put it out for digital download, dvd, blueray & cd for Q4.  You know, Rock & Roll man!