If chugging whiskey after you get back from a hunt isn't bad-ass enough for you, Tamsworth Distillery from New Hampshire has created some interesting combinations.

Steven Grasse and Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile, the makers of Eau De Musc, a whiskey made with beaver castoreum, which is the anal secretion beavers use to mark their territory, are getting ready for two more releases.

First, is a whiskey that had venison added to it during the aging process, giving it a "savory compliment."

They're also releasing a brandy that's been flavored with Corpse Flower, the smelliest flower on the planet. They say it brings "death and decay to the floral notes of the brandy."

Rare Blooming "Corpse Flower" Draws Curious Crowds To New York Botanical Gardens
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Check out their products on their website, and get updated when they release their next gross creation.


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