.What ever happened to those nut bowls with the nutcracker laying next to it.  I remember seeing this brilliant snack dish/tool all over.  It was usually at my grandparents house or...an older...grandparents house...but I used to see it all the time.

Raw nuts are a thing of the past apparently.  Walnuts & Brazil Nuts aren't just hanging out on a doily next to the Davenport anymore.  Did you ever eat them?  I'm not sure I ever did.  I remember cracking them open...then being super bummed when I had to clean up the mess of cracked shells all over the coffee table.

Maybe we should bring this snack back from the age of the plastic covered couch. But we'd have to introduce them in a new way.  We'd have to make them cool again.  Maybe Post Malone could do a commercial or Cardi B could sing a song about cracking nuts and somehow that would get into the mainstream again.

We need the equivalent of what Guardians of the Galaxy did with a classic rock soundtrack...but for nut cracking. Or maybe...just maybe we need to reinvent the wheel.  We don't need a new "nutcracker".  That's old OLD school.  We need a cool new way to open Brazil Nuts.

We need to use our head.  To think about a way to open raw nuts.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

A TV show in Italy pitted two competitors against each other, and they both topped the previous record of 217.  One guy cracked 239 of them . . . the other guy crushed 254.


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