How ridiculous are you willing to look in order to stay warm this winter? A new company is hoping you answered: "very ridiculous."

The Nose Warmer Company is now selling their namesake, a specialized winter hat for your face called a nose warmer. It looks like they took a normal hat, shrunk it down, then added a string so it stays on your face. From what I've seen on their website, it looks like a beak.

"I got the idea in 2009 when I had a genuine cold nose," company founder Sally Steel-Jones said. "I wear mine in the house, they are not seen on the streets... yet!"

The nose warmers are now available to order online and are shipped worldwide. If you want one for your own nose, it looks like you'll pay about $13 to get one. They come in a bunch of styles including fleece, faux fur, wool, and leopard print.

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