According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Van Halen will be releasing their first live album with DLR!!

Looks to be a double word on a DVD/Blu Ray...but you'll be able to picture all the baton twirling and leg kicks in your head, I'm sure.  Especially if you toss on your headphones and go old school to some new VH, baby!!




Van Halen ‘Tokyo Dome Live In Concert’ Reported Track Listing
‘Runnin’ With the Devil’
‘She’s the Woman’
‘I’m the One’
‘Everybody Wants Some’
‘Somebody Get Me a Doctor’
‘China Town’
‘Hear About It Later’
‘Oh, Pretty Woman’
‘You Really Got Me’
‘Dance the Night Away’
‘I’ll Wait’
‘And the Cradle Will Rock…’
‘Hot for Teacher’
‘Women in Love’
‘Romeo Delight’
‘Mean Street’
‘Beautiful Girls’
‘Ice Cream Man’
‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’