I don't know what is dumber: lighting yourself on fire or thinking you have to issue a warning to not light yourself on fire. The "fire challenge" has made some people curious enough that it warranted issuing a warning.  New Jersey fire officials have this message for teens (and adults): "don't set your self on fire." Turns out, it's really hot and it burns you. In fact, the fire challenge has the exact opposite effect on your skin as the ice bucket challenge.  Isn't that weird?  Here's the story:

Officials with the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety have issued a statewide emergency bulletin about a dangerous "fire challenge" teens are taking.

I had to go and re-read it when I came to this line:

While there haven't been any reported injuries to New Jersey teens, officials want everyone to be aware of how dangerous lighting yourself on fire is.


Here's a look at some of the people who needed this info a LONG time ago.