A gas station in Camden, New Jersey, is facing penalties after a contamination scandal linked to recent flooding in the area.


Watered Down Gas

As a result of flood water tainting the fuel, at least 26 drivers experienced issues with their vehicles after filling up at the Conoco on Admiral Wilson Boulevard on January 10.

Staff at the station stated that they ceased fuel services at around 5 p.m. on that day due to reported gas problems and numerous car breakdowns. Camden County representatives confirmed that flooding had led to the closure of the roadway until about 4:30 p.m.

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Testing The Fuel

Lab results obtained after contamination testing revealed that the fuel was 58% water. County officials are now finalizing fines against the gas station in light of these findings.

In an interview with Action News, driver Kevin Lopez of Northeast Philadelphia recalled the scene at the gas station. When I was putting in gas, everyone was screaming at me not to get gas. I got out of the car and removed the pump and refused to pay. Turns out, everybody's car was breaking down, Lopez said.

Have You Been Affected By The Water Gas?

Officials have established hotlines for those who suspect they may have been affected by the contaminated gas. These individuals can reach the Camden County Division of Weights and Measures at 856-374-6001, or the Camden City Division of Weights and Measures at 856-757-7131.

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