A 34-year-old New Jersey man is in jail on terrorism charges after authorities alleged he purposefully drove his SUV into a home, and then a police station while blaring Guns N' Roses' song Welcome to the Jungle from his stereo.

When he exited the vehicle, he had his hands with his index fingers out like he just scored a touchdown.

Independence Twp. Police
Independence Twp. Police

"The entire vehicle came to a final resting place in the squad room. The defendant exited the vehicle and appeared to be celebrating as officers apprehended him on scene as his car stereo blared the song 'Welcome to the Jungle,'" according to a statement from Warren County Prosecutor James Pfeiffer.

Surveilance video of the incident released by authorities showed the SUV plowing through a wall of the police station on Sept. 20th and causing "significant damage," Pfeiffer said.

Just minutes before he crashed through the police station, Hargreaves allgedley drove his SUV through the garage door of a house nearby.

"The investigation showed that at approximately 6:17 p.m. (on Sept. 20), the defendant deliberately crashed his gold Toyota SUV into the garage of a private residence in an attempt to scare or harass the homeowner, who the defendant knew," Pfeiffer said in his statement.

He was booked at the Warren County Correctional Center on one count of first-degree terrorism and one count of causing widespread injury or damage.

If convicted of the terrorism charge, Hargreaves could face a sentence of 30 years to life in prison, Pfeiffer said.

"The offense is subject to the No Early Release Act," Pfeiffer said.

He's also facing charges for the house he crashed into, including burglary, harassment, aggravated assault, criminal mischief and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

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