A photo of what officials are saying is suspected to be a meteorite is making the rounds on social media after it crashed through a home in New Jersey.

Hopewell Township NJ Police via Facebook
Hopewell Township NJ Police via Facebook

The week started with a bang for one person living after what's most likely a meteorite went through their roof in Hopewell Township, New Jersey.

A metallic rock fell out of the sky and hit the home, located just 10 miles from Trenton. The Hopewell Township Police Department responded to the incident and confirmed that the weird-shaped rock damaged the building.

"It penetrated the roof, the ceiling and then impacted the hardwood floor before coming to a rest," the police department said. No one was injured during the incident, luckily.

Hopewell Township NJ Police via Facebook
Hopewell Township NJ Police via Facebook

They explained in their Facebook post;

An investigation is underway to identify the rock and to determine if it is indeed from space. Scientists will closely examine the rock, which appears to have a charred exterior and measures approximately 4 inches by 6 inches.


The Hopewell Township Police Department said that the meteorite could be related to the recent peak of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, but it is still unclear if the two events are related.

Smaller space rocks typically will burn up and disintegrate as they enter Earth's atmosphere, but larger rocks can make it to the surface of the planet. Space rocks that reach the surface of the Earth are called meteorites.


This is the most recent of impact incident documented on our side of the globe.

On October 3rd, 2021, a meteorite the size of a softball crashed through a house in Canada, landing in a bed just inches away from a sleeping woman.

Perhaps the most famous meteorite in recent U.S. history happened in 1992, when a 26-pound rock landed on a parked car in a driveway in New York.

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