A homeowner in England recently moved into their new house, and a few weeks in, found out that the previous owners had left something behind.

Apparently, the previous owners' cat had seemingly wandered off, or so they thought. Glyn Stafford moved into his new house, and the previous owners had told him their cat wandered off and may come back.

Stafford initially put out food and milk for the cat in case it returned to the house, but after a few days, he stopped.

A few weeks later, he could swear he was hearing meowing coming from one of the walls in the kitchen, near where the wall meets the ceiling.

When he investigated, he found Molly the cat stuck between the walls. He contacted the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and soon after, inspector Jenny Bethel showed up.

"She must have been terrified spending all that time trapped in such a tight spot," Bethel told SWNS. "She looked quite skinny so I took her to a local vet and fortunately she was found to be healthy but in need of feeding up. The vets were then able to contact her grateful owner to tell them that Molly was safe and available to be collected."

She continued, "The fire service were great at assisting in this rescue and I am also grateful to Glyn for alerting us to the incident and for allowing us to pull up the bathroom floorboards to save Molly."

The theory is that Molly had crawled through a waste pipe in the kitchen and wasn't able to find a way out.

"I was quite surprised when I heard the meow after all that time and called the RSPCA straight away," Stafford said. "I have had cats myself so I really wanted her to get out and be safe. The floorboards had to come up to get her but the damage can be repaired. The cat’s life is what mattered."

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