It was a scary situation in Illinois when a woman drove her car onto the middle of a frozen pond.

Illinois Woman Rescued From Frozen Pond

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A woman in Lakewood had a very scary moment. Somehow, she drove her car a hundred feet into the middle of a frozen pond. I have several questions about this incident including how and why she ended up there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find those kinds of details. Maybe, her car slid on some ice. Did she get confused and think it was part of the road?

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Car Rescued From Frozen Illinois Pond

First responders received a call about the incident at around 9 pm on Thursday night. They were told a car had driven onto a frozen pond. When they got to the scene, the woman was still in her vehicle. I'm sure she was too scared to try and get back to land by driving or walking. Firefighters got her off the frozen pond without a problem. She was taken to the hospital just in case.

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Car Rescued From Frozen Illinois Pond

Now that the driver was safe, the next step was to remove the car from the middle of the frozen pond. This was going to be tricky. They brought in a tow truck. They attached a rope to the vehicle and pulled it to land. It took about an hour for the rescue. She had driven it about 100 feet from shore. Luckily, the car never went through the ice.

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Car Rescued From Frozen Illinois Pond

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