Have you ever been perplexed by a dog's tendency to howl in response to music? It turns out there is a scientific explanation.

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Why Do Dogs Howl?

There are several reasons why your dog may be howling, and while you may find it annoying or worrisome, some of the reasons are very simple:

  • For attention
  • To alert their owner to danger
  • Make contact and acknowledge other dogs
  • Response to high-pitched noises or sounds
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Why Do Dogs Howl To Music?

The high-pitched sound that comes from certain instruments like pianos, saxophones, and clarinets can trigger the dog's natural instinct to howl. Additionally, certain types of female singing, especially at higher registers, also stimulate the dog's instinct to respond in a howl.

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What Are Dogs Saying When They Howl?

When a dog howls, they are saying they have heard the sound and they are ready to react or show their desire to participate in what is happening. Through their howling, dogs communicate their willingness to engage.

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Top 8 Songs Dogs Howl To:

You may have noticed your dog howl to a song once before, maybe even the same song every time. Even though we know they're howling because of a scientific explanation, we'd like to think they are just singing along to their favorite song, as it brings us joy to watch them match the pitch.

Here is a list of the top eight songs that dogs will howl along with.

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8.) Almost Any Michael Jackson Song

Here is an even better video of a dog howling to Will You Be There by Michael Jackson.

7.) Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon

6.) Old Town Road - Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus 

5.) Someone Like You – Adele

4.) Law & Order theme song

3.) Let It Go – from Frozen

2.) Seamus – Pink Floyd

1.) Tennesee Whisky - Chris Stapleton

Ultimately, if your pup has the talent and tendency to howl, then there is no real way to stop it. So take in the music and cherish the connection you share with your beloved pooch through song.

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