We have a ninja among us ...well, almost. An Iowa man just dominated the American Ninja Warrior course and has advanced to the next round.

If you're not familiar, American Ninja Warrior is where men and women from all over the country come together in an attempt to complete the "world's most notorious obstacle course". The competition is high, the changing obstacles are seemingly impossible to complete, and it's incredibly entertaining to watch. These people have got to feel like a ninja after completing something like this.

The most recent episode that aired Monday featured 21-year-old Jackson Twait, a Hudson, Iowa native. The Courier reports that Twait is a student at the University of Northern Iowa and ran the course back in May in Cincinnati. During his run, Twait's family and friends in the stands cheered loudly and held up giant signs showing photos of his cat.

Twait's cat, Hades, is a rescue kitty. As you can see, he's a cat lover.

Twait advanced to the next round and has even already filmed it. It's expected to air sometime around August 19, according to The Courier. It may be too late, but we wish Twait the best of luck!

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