When he was 18-years-old, Chris Norton was a football player for Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. During a game, he sustained a debilitating spinal cord injury that left him with a 3% chance to ever move again, but now he's an inspiration story that's the focus of a new documentary.

Norton spent years in intense physical therapy and training, and in 2015, his story went viral when he walked across the stage at his graduation with the help of his fiancée, Emily.

It was then that they set a new goal; walk 7-yards down the wedding aisle together.

We don’t get to control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond,” says Chris, who is now an author, motivational speaker and founder of The Chris Norton Foundation which helps those with spinal cord and neuromuscular disabilities live better lives. “No one ever volunteers to struggle, but it can be one of our greatest teachers. My story is hard, but it is full of hope, and I think that is relevant to everyone right now.”

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7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story began production in 2017, following Chris between his school at Luther College and Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It was there that Chris spent months in recovery.

In 2018, the film crew followed Chris and Emily to their wedding to get real-time footage of their 7 yard walk.

“This is a comeback story that will inspire you to overcome,” says Katie Norris, the founder of Fotolanthropy Films and producer of the documentary. “When I first heard about Chris Norton, I was completely moved by his courage and willpower. His story is raw, real and one that will bring renewed perspective.”

7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story is available on Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime now for rent and purchase.

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