The highly anticipated new Aldi location opening in West Davenport is now open, after a confusing couple of days that left the community wondering what the actual opening dates were.

Originally the store was planned to have a soft open on November 16th, according to the company's website, but when November 16th came around, the webpage showing the opening date was no longer available, and a note was found at the door to the store that had an empty parking lot.

Thank you all for your patience and excitement surrounding our Grand Opening! Unfortunately, our official Grand Opening has been pushed back to December 7th, 2023. We are working very hard to have the store ready to open to the public before Thanksgiving, and are very thankful for the ongoing support of the community!


Keep an eye out on the top of the building for our "Now Open" banners!


Again, thank you for your excitement and support and we can not wait to service this community!


-Your Davenport Aldi Team

Regardless of the notes given, the store is now open to the public, and customers are excited.


On Monday morning, the parking lot was full, and customers were filling their carts with groceries and supplies for Thanksgiving meals.


The store features a larger shopping space with brand new fixtures and offers multiple self-checkout registers, while still offering traditional checkouts.


According to the store's website, the store is open from 9am-8pm every day (except Thanksgiving).

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