Check it out, we've FINALLY found a case where trickle-down economics worked, where helping rich guys get even richer is actually creating jobs.

A 55-year-old woman in New York named Betsy Cox just launched a new training program that teaches women how to be dominatrixes. Because there's a big need for more of them right now... to serve billionaires.

Betsy says ultra-rich men gravitate toward dominatrixes because they're so used to being in total control of everything that it's a turn-on to have someone dominate them.

"They're looking for somebody to tell them what to do for once."

She's charging $2,000 for a four-class session, where she teaches everything from the basics of the BDSM lifestyle to the psychological techniques the dominatrixes can use to keep their clients coming back.

One of her recent graduates says the class is already paying off. "I am seeing this guy, he's very successful, he is powerful and in the public eye. But he is already giving me a submissive vibe. Now I know how to handle him."

Read more at the New York Post.

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