We all learned it, but kids now look at cursive and pass it on to the next person because they don't read it. Well, that's all about to change, thanks to a New Jersey Bill.

The new bill was introduced and will require students to be taught how to read and write cursive by the end of the third grade.

Cursive hasn't been require to learn since 2010, when Common Core curriculum were put into place nationwide. You know, that thing they put in place that rendered you useless in helping your kid do their math homework.

If enacted, the bill would take effect the next full school year. Cursive has been gone for almost 10 years, but many states are on the rise to bring it back.

  • Illinois mandates cursive since 2017
  • Ohio required the Department of Education to include supplemental materials for cursive handwriting
  • The upcoming fall semester in Texas will see students starting cursive in second grade

A New Jersey Assemblywoman, the one who introduced the bill, said "Our world has indeed become increasingly dependent on technology, but how will our students ever know how to read a scripted font on a word document, or even sign the back of a check, if they never learn to read and write in cursive? This bill will ensure every young student in New Jersey will have this valuable skill to carry with them into adulthood."

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