Frequent travelers and experts have issued a stern warning to Tennessee residents regarding the use of irons in hotel rooms. Due to reports of off-label uses of the iron by guests, it has been advised to not trust these appliances without a thorough inspection first.

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Tennessee Residents Warned Not to Use Hotel Room Irons

This warning comes following Gilbert Ott, the founder of the popular travel site, speaking out about the unusual usage of irons in hotel rooms. Pilots and others notoriously use irons to reheat pizza and other food during layovers, said Ott in an interview with The Daily Mail.

Cooking Full Meals With A Hotel Iron

His suggestion comes after revealing that hotel irons can also be used for several out-of-the-ordinary tasks, even going so far as cooking a full-blown meal. The evidence of this statement lies in a TikTok user @barfly777, who drew attention by posting a video where he is seen grilling steak on a hotel iron, as well as making noodles in the coffee pot. The video, posted in 2022, has garnered more than 50,000 views.

Here is the video:

Don't Get Pizza Stains On Your Clothes

The misuse of these items leads to the question of hygiene and raises concern among frequent travelers. To bypass any potential unsanitary situations, Ott advises hotel guests to opt for a more natural method for unwrinkling clothes, saying, leave the iron in the closet and hang your clothes as close to the shower as possible, allowing the steam heat to do the job for you.

All residents and tourists in Tennessee are being urged to avoid using hotel irons, lest they end up using an appliance previously employed in cooking a steak or reheating a slice of pizza. As travelers, our awareness of such practices is essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment when residing in hotel rooms.

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