Netflix is raising the prices again. This time, it's not as much of a hike, but it's still annoying. I suppose they have to afford to pay Adam Sandler somehow.

The new pricing on plans shows increases on all plans but the basic plan.

  • Basic Plan, $8- 1 screen at a time, no HD
  • Standard, $14- 2 screens, HD. Price increase: $1
  • Premium, $18- 4 screens, HD, 4K. Price increase: $2

So depending on what plan you're paying for, you're basically paying a full month's worth extra for nothing new.

The price increases come at a time when there's an over-saturation in the market. Surely some customers will cancel and go to another platform.

If you remember, Netflix's only competitor was Hulu for quite some time, but in recent years, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, IMDb TV, Crackle, Sling, YouTube TV, HBO, and many, many more have launched, all with similar pricing and similar product.

Hopefully there's a buyout so we can get back to when we only had to look at one app instead of seven to find the movie we know we saw somewhere.

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