It's coming up on five months since Christmas, but one house in a Saratoga Springs neighborhood has lights up to honor medical workers.

Jeff Noorda has blue lights up, but not red or green. They're blue, the color that honors frontline people.

He got a letter in the mail from his HOA saying he needs to take down the lights, or get a $50 fine.

In an interview with KSLTV, Noorda said "Here we are in these unrealistic times, and to get a letter for having lights on my house to say, ‘thank you,’ I was actually very shocked."

Joey Duckworth, president of Legacy Farms HOA, said lights are to come down March 1st, and wasn't happy with the email response he got from Noorda.

“The tone of the email that we received was so aggressive in nature and so combative that we didn’t feel sincerity in what he was actually indicating," Duckworth said, "Rather than work together, he wanted a fight. You want a fight, well that’s when rules are rules."

He said if Noorda was kinder in his response explaining the lights, they would've waived the fine, but now they're not going to.

Obviously, we needed to find out what was going on, so we got Jeff Noorda on the phone. He was a nice guy, I'm not sure what Joey Duckdong was talking about.

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