Nebraska YouTuber Andrew Flair, known for his adventurous and unconventional lifestyle, is now putting up for sale the newly renovated 1960 missile silo that he purchased in 2022. This underground property, spanning over 2,500 square feet, has undergone a remarkable transformation to provide all the comforts one would need to live there permanently.

Flair aimed to create a turnkey property that would allow someone to literally live underground if they so desired. Recognizing the unique challenges of renovating a silo, he made several adjustments to ensure its livability.

Entertainment In The Bunker

One notable addition to the bunker is a fully equipped movie theater, complete with a large screen and a popcorn machine. Flair also installed a foosball table, recognizing the importance of having recreational activities in a subterranean living space.

Projector on wall (FLAIR)
Projector on wall (FLAIR)
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Renovating The Bunker

The process of renovating a silo presented its own set of difficulties. Flair described the challenges of fitting rectangular-shaped laminate flooring onto the curved walls, which required precision cutting and meticulous installation. The absence of baseboards also meant finding alternative ways to ensure a clean and seamless appearance.

Wide shot of the bunker. (FLAIR)
Wide shot of the bunker. (FLAIR)

What The Missile Silo Was Used For

The Atlas-F Missile Silos, built during the tense nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1950s, were designed to withstand nuclear attacks. While they no longer serve that purpose, these underground structures still offer a unique living experience.

Interested Buyers

Real estate agents Polly and Mike Figueroa have received inquiries from potential buyers across the country, acknowledging the appeal of owning such an unconventional property.

Andrew said he has no plans to buy another silo but, the 45-day renovation has taught him a thing or two.

“It kind of taught me that we are capable of doing really good work in a quick amount of time," said Flair.

Now, this one-of-a-kind home is available for purchase at $750,000. For those seeking a truly distinctive living experience, this renter-friendly underground property could be yours.

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