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Ryan Smith, 41, was arrested Friday on charges of burglary, criminal trespassing, and tampering with physical evidence and was promptly fired from his Omaha mortuary gig.

According to court documents, Smith was one of two people who came to collect the deceased Friday afternoon after a natural death at a residence near 144th Street and Giles Road.

Ryan Smith (Sarpy County Sheriff's Office)
Ryan Smith (Sarpy County Sheriff's Office)

 Attraction To The Doll

Court documents obtained by WOWT revealed that while on a job to collect the body of a man who died of natural causes in a unit at Rock Creek Apartments, Smith developed a strong affection for a doll he spotted in the room.

Smith and his colleague were dispatched by Mid America First Call, a company that specializes in body removal, transportation, embalming, and cremation services.

Smith made contact with the property manager later in the day. He explained that he had been approached by the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office and was asked to collect a life-sized sex doll from the crime scene. The purpose of the collection was to obtain a biopsy. However, the property manager declined the request.

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Visiting The Doll

In a statement provided by a sheriff's investigator, it was revealed that the manager discovered Smith inside the property with the deadbolt locked and the chain secured. His clothing appeared disheveled, causing suspicion.

Smith had left and mentioned his intention to return with a warrant for the doll, which prompted the manager to call the police out of concern that Smith might break in and take other items. Upon their return, investigators observed that items had been rearranged since their previous visit, which was photographed.

The Douglas County Crime Lab was called to the scene to gather fingerprints, particularly from the survival kit, while the investigators also aimed to acquire DNA samples from the doll.

Getting Fired

Justin Dalton, owner of Mid America First Call, said in a written statement forwarded to 6 News that he had been made aware of the incident on Friday. He said Smith was not on the clock at the time of the alleged incident but had been fired.

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