At Dulles Town Center in Sterling Virginia, 21-year-old Tanner Cook was in the middle of making a video prank for his YouTube channel when he was shot by 31-year-old Alan Colie.

The Victim

Tanner was taken to the intensive care unit with a bullet wound in his stomach and liver.
Upon Alan Colie's arraignment in Loudoun County General District Court, his charges included aggravated malicious wounding, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and discharging a firearm within a building.
Sheriff Mike Chapman revealed that the incident was the result of a physical altercation in the food court that spiraled out of control and terrified those in the mall.
A video recorded by Instagram user @thisismyu5ername captured Colie being arrested on the ground.
Cook, a content creator for the YouTube channel Classified Goons, was recuperating in the hospital after having undergone surgery. During an exclusive interview with WUSA9 from his hospital bed, Cook spoke of his intent when joking around with Colie for an upcoming video.

“I was playing a prank and a simple practical joke, and this guy didn't take it very well,” said Tanner Cook.

His friend was recording the video when Colie allegedly pulled out his gun. The family said the footage is now part of the evidence. The Cook family is placing their trust in God during this difficult time with their son.

“They were making a video at the mall and trying to have fun with people and this guy wasn't having fun,” added Jeramy Cook. “There was a phone that was around him and they were interviewing or talking to him, and he didn't like it and he pulled out his gun and shot my son. We need restoration, we need healing, and we need to come together. I pray for this young man and pray that he finds God in this. I believe that God saved our son's life, and he could have easily died but that's not the outcome. God has plans for my son."




Worried Citizens

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair, Phyllis Randall, received numerous calls from alarmed citizens after the mall re-opened its doors on Monday, following a day of closure.

Randall focused her attention on both the victims and witnesses of the shooting, understanding the long-term emotional trauma they could endure.

“Many of the people in my county are deeply disturbed by this experience,” she stated. “This goes beyond the direct victims. Many of those present will struggle with psychological trauma and will likely never revisit the mall.”

Even with a gunshot wound, Tanner Cook reassured the public that he would not stop making videos.

The Suspect

Meanwhile, Colie was granted a public defender in the court of law during his arraignment on the same day.

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