The Rock Island Police Department issued a warning to residents regarding ongoing phone scams where perpetrators impersonate law enforcement officials to extort money from victims.

Sheriff's Office Warns Residents of Phone Scams Impersonating Law Enforcement


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These fraudulent schemes have been reported across the region, including in Rock Island, Illinois, and throughout the country.

What Is The Scam?

Perpetrators of these scams typically pose as law enforcement officers and falsely inform victims of warrants issued for missing court dates, failing to attend jury duty, or having overdue fines. They employ various tactics, such as using the names of actual deputies or police officers and spoofing their phone numbers to appear as local law enforcement agencies.

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Faking Law Enforcement Credentials

In some cases, scammers even attempt to email fake law enforcement credentials to victims to gain their trust. They intimidate victims by demanding immediate payment and threatening arrest if they fail to comply. Payment methods requested may include money, credit cards, gift cards, payment apps, or cryptocurrency.

A Sheriff From Virginia Shares Warning

Sheriff Sean Casey from The Alexandria Police Department in Virginia,  emphasized the importance of vigilance, urging residents to hang up if they receive such calls and refrain from providing personal or financial information. Legitimate law enforcement agencies do not demand money over the phone, he emphasized.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

What To Do If You Fall Victim To This Scam

Victims of these scams are advised to contact their financial institution and report the incident to their local police department. The Rock Island Police Department can be reached at (309) 732-2677 (COPS).

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