Security video from August shows the theft of $20,000 worth of shoes from a vintage designer clothing and sneaker shop in August, only, these guys probably aren't going to be cashing in on a huge payday anymore.

Police officers from Lincoln responded to Exclusive Hype near 17th and O around 6am on August 18th on a report of a shattered window of a business.

Car thief

Surveillance video shows one of three people sneaking between security bars and into the store after smashing the window. They first tried to pull the front door of the building off of its hinges with their vehicle, but were unsuccessful, according to Lincoln Crime Stoppers.

All three people worked together to get away with $20,000 worth of the left shoe of pairs of sneakers because the right shoes are stored in another room of the building. The video shows thieves also grabbing some apparel from the store.

The vehicle is described as a red or orange Volkswagen Atlas.

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In March of last year, police in Miami shared that they were on the lookout for a thief who had stolen 20 sneakers from a shoe store - all of which were the left shoe display shoes.

Surveillance footage caught the thief climbing on the wall of display shoes and looking around the shop with his phone flashlight. Although footage only shows one man, police believe the burglar was working with a friend or two.

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20-year-old Store Owner Johan Alvarez told WSVN, “When he comes down, he kinda falls off, comes to the ground. He just goes up quickly and starts grabbing every shoe here...It’s a big hit, definitely.”

Alvares said Luxe Miami suffered a $15,000 to $20,000 loss, and they don't have insurance.

(I know what you're thinking, either this crook stole a lot of shoes, or these sneakers are very expensive. Let me answer that for you.)

Looking at Luxe Miami's Instagram, this shoe ALONE costs $350.

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That's $700 for a pair of these white and blue Air Jordans. It is reported that the thief stole 20 left shoes.

Luxe Miami was not the only store targeted. Miami Police officer Michael Vega said, “Whoever was committing the burglary wanted to go directly to these businesses and get those shoes...These crooks, actually made three holes on top of the roof, two of them not being in this business, so it’s more of the damage that they caused than what they actually stole...Talking about what they took, they took left feet shoes. They didn’t take a pair of shoes, they just took single shoes that were on the rack.”

Alverez is hoping the crook or crooks realize they have no matching pair for any shoe and bring them back. “Just come forward, drop off the shoes, leave them here, I don’t need to turn them over to the cops. I don’t care about that. I pray that God puts some sense into them and just do the right thing at least.”

Alvarez said he is offering a reward for the return of the shoes.

Watch Security footage and news clips on WSVN.

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