If you have a college diploma on the wall collecting dust, now you can finally put it to good use.  Cause you know it's irrelevant to the job you have.

Natural Light is back for the third consecutive year with $1,000,000 to help with college debt as part of their ten year, $10,000,000 commitment to the Natural Light College Debt Relief Program.

Natty Light has a unique proposal to raise awareness around the colossal cost of college - Natty will send $100 via Cash App or check to anyone willing to rent their diploma as part of a highly-classified plan they’re brewing up as an extension of the college debt relief program.

The burden of college debt on the U.S. has only grown in the last 12 months, with reports that the total debt has risen to an astronomical $1,600,000,000 with a slew of financial ripple effects impacting Americans.

Any college graduate over the age of 21 can make a quick $100 with Natty Light by offering to rent their original college diploma to the brand, with a promise to return it in the exact same condition. Participants simply fill out a diploma rental agreement on nattydiplomas.com and the brand will send a pre-paid envelope to mail back the diploma. They’ll keep it safe. They’ll send it back, they just won’t tell you what it’s for. Like anything, there’s a limit, so act fast.

Entry into the Natty Light College Debt Relief Program also has a new twist in 2020.  Any qualified fan over the age of 21 can post a video showing how they would celebrate if all their loans were paid off. Complete the submission by showing off the Natty Light logo in the video and inserting #NattyStories, #Contest and #2020 when its posted to social media.

Natty Light will be accepting #NattyStories entries through March 29th, 2020 and full contest rules and regulations can be found here. To learn more, follow @naturallight on Twitter and Facebook, @naturallightbeer on Instagram, and visit www.NaturalLight.com.

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