If you work on a computer, you probably are working from home right now, drinking on the job and sitting in your underwear. Natty Light is going to keep that going for you, and pay you a stupid amount of money for it.

Natty Light is looking for a 100% remote internship position. Applications are open through May 17th. They're looking for 4.0 GPA students with "experience sucking up, or other qualifications."


You'll be creating "fire viral content," designing merch, product research (aka drinking for the job). You have to be good with social media, have an outgoing personality, be able to create memes, and "have the ability to spell 'protractor.'"

To apply, fill out an application over at Indeed, then post a photo, sketch, doodle, or tweet of their flavor innovation using the hashtags #NattyIntern and #contest.

Natural Light

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