It's nice to see a QC native go on to do bigger and better things, but still remember where they came from. Matthew Speak is doing just that with his horror novel that takes place in Bettendorf.

Matthew grew up here, he went to BHS and later graduated from St. Ambrose. Later in life he moved to Chicago, then California. Along the way he directed plays, appeared on stage and short films, and currently works as a special education teacher at Northpoint School in Northridge, CA.

Last month Matthew published his first novel. "Devils Glen (Bettendorf Tales Volume 1)" follows high school student Jack Davies as he deals with the supernatural happenings in Devils Glen Park.

Matthew Speak
Matthew Speak

“Seek the gates and save the boy.”

Welcome to Bettendorf. At first glance, it seems like a typical Midwestern town, but take a closer look and you might be surprised. High schooler Jack Davies sees the darkness coming; he lives with it. Cold voices call out from the closet door; dead hands reach up from under his bed. Although he doesn't know it, Jack wields a great power.

Make sure to follow Matthew Speak on his Facebook Page for updates on his upcoming novels: "Crow Creek" and "Sunnycrest."

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