Not much to talk about today ... but I did re-live a great memory from February 1993 when I saw that today was the taping of Rod Stewart/Ron Wood show for the "MTV Unplugged" series.  This series was really booming and it seemed like everybody wanted in.  Eric Clapton had a great show, Nirvana had a great show, and so did Rod Stewart and Ron Wood.

There were about 100 of us who were at a radio convention in Los Angeles that got to go to this taping.  It was pretty cool to see how the artists come out and record the show, then go back and view it, and come back out to re-record the songs they didn't like from the first run-through.  The audience got to stay for each and every encore performance.

So one day I'm watching VH-1 and they show the video of the song "We're Havin' a Party" from the 1993 Rod/Rod Unplugged concert.  I recognized it right away and kept watching.  Behold ... they panned the audience in the bleachers, and there were 2 big guys in white shirts, dancin' and singin' in the top back row.  It was me, and my friend Sid who ran a radio station down in New Orleans!  I was in a Rod Stewart/Ron Wood music video !!  If you happen to own the DVD, check it out sometime.  What a great memory to start the day !