I never went to my real high school prom. First, there was the issue of finding a girl who was interested in going with me. And many, many other issues. But that is ancient history. Prom From Hell has cured all that.

We've been doing the Dwyer and Michaels Prom From Hell for more years than we can count. Every Spring, inviting folks just like me (And maybe you, too) to come out and blow off some steam. Based on our average attendance, and approximate number years we've been hosting, this year's Prom From Hell will see our 10,000th prom-goer through the door at the Mississippi Valley Fairground's Iowa Hall. That's a LOT of years of bad suits, bridesmaid dresses, retro looks, rainbow wigs, high hair, and repackaged after-prom activities!

And next Saturday, April 28th, we're going to see more of our Prom From Hell veterans, and some who are coming for the first time! Here's what you need for a good time.

(Mack / Townsquare Media)

Get a ticket, bring a friend, or a group. Wear something dumb. Guys can go all out Leisure suit or Canadian Tuxedo (I believe that's a suit made from denim--but they are scarce--like bigfoot), anything that is retro in nature. We've seen the 'Saturday Night Fever' guy, velvet Pimp guy, Dad's suit guy, and 'This is my work suit, but I added a wig and funky shoes' guy. Once we all get a couple beers in us, it doesn't really matter! Ladies, you look great in anything, and everything with a retro or prom feel. My favorite was the year my wife wore a fringe dress that her mom actually wore to her prom in 1920 (Date may have been altered to protect the innocent)!

It is a great recipe for fun. Dress up weird, have some food, some cocktails, and put a great band (This year, TWO great bands) in front of them and let's get to it! Electric Shock, and Soul Storm will carry the night, so bring your rocking' and dancing shoes!

(Mack / Townsquare Media)

This year our theme is 'Candy Land' (The sugar-themed board game, not the slasher movie series) so in addition to awesome food from A Guy and a Grill we invited a bunch of QC Bakeries to bring sweets for our dessert table! Michaels will be in his Willie Wonka finest, and Bent River Brewing Co. is making a special event beer, 'All Fudged Up' just for the Prom From Hell, and you get to keep your pint glass!

As always, you get a special 8x10 of you and your date (Thanks The Camera Corner) just like a real prom. Or so I've heard. I never really went to my prom...

we'd love to see you there, whether it's your first, 10th, 20th prom or somewhere in-between. Grab your tickets while you can [here] and join us next Saturday, April 28th, for the Annual Dwyer and Michaels Prom From Hell!