And, It's less work!  So all of us lazy rakers can take heed and do what's best for our lawns in the fall: NOT rake up those falling leaves!

In an article this week, Popular Science is blowing my mind with the results of a study that indicate that you'll get a greener, thicker lawn in the spring if you let the leaves become mulch, allowing tiny microbes to eat the carbon and create nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur.  Which are all good for your grass.  The technical term for it is "mineralization."

Dang, I'm trading in my house coat for a lab coat, and laying down the science here.  No wonder they call this "Popular Science!"  You keep telling me to not do chores, and we're gonna get along real good!  Where can I find that study that says laying around drinking beer on weekends makes me healthier?

Oh, one issue here, Lazybones.  Don't let unmulched leaves sit on your lawn all winter.  That will kill the grass...

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