Police in Virginia picked up a suspect they caught red-handed, or I suppose, off-white egg shell handed.

Officers in Norfolk were called to a residence in response to reports of a “disorderly trespasser."

Norfolk County Sheriff
Norfolk County Sheriff

When officers arrived, they came across 34-year-old Keeta Neville, who they found had an outstanding warrant. Officers arrested Keeta, but not without a fight, judging by the "five counts of assault on law enforcement that occurred during her arrest," according to the report.

The report also read that during the November 6th arrest, Keeta Neville was covered in a "paint-like substance." The Smoking Gun's best guess is Benjamin Moore Windsor Cream as the shade. My best guess? Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008.

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Neville is locked up without bond, and is due in court on December 1st. Her previous arrests include disorderly conduct, larceny, indecent exposure, contempt, trespassing, and purchasing alcohol for a minor.

Safe to say, there's a good chance this is the result of some sort of Kevin McCallister, Home Alone type scenario.


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