Cake flavor has become a staple mix-in for candy and ice cream, and even Dr. Pepper. Well, apparently PepsiCo. is ready to try their hand at the flavor, and they're going to add it to the weirdest core drink.

Talk about a cake-flavored drink started back in 2019 when the brand trademarked “MTN Dew 80 CAKE-SMASH."

On April 26th of this year, the brand was granted a third extension on the name, which would be best explained by the possibility of a delay in release.

This time, the discussion comes with a reportedly leaked design for the cans as well, courtesy of Reddit/u/AlphyIsMyWaifu in the r/mountaindew subreddit.

The back side of the can shows the “To celebrate you in the most epic. Way. Possible. Let’s do-over your missed milestone—whether it was a birthday, a wedding, a a graduation, or life itself! This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with Mtn Dew Cake-Smash!”

Obviously, nothing is official yet, but hopefully soon we'll have an answer for a release date.

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