A North Carolina woman has been issued criminal citations this week for shooting at cans of Diet Mountain Dew in her backyard.

Officers with the Gastonia Police Department responded to a report of shots fired within a neighborhood and found a 64-year-old woman who said she was firing a revolver at the soda cans because she didn't approve of her father drinking soda, according to the department's post on Facebook.

"We totally understand that not everybody is a fan of the Dew but we can’t stress enough how dangerous this is!" the department said. "There are much safer alternatives to disposing of beverages that you don’t like instead of using the full bottles as target practice … in your backyard … in your neighborhood … surrounded by other homes and people."

"Guns and Diet Mountain Dew don't mix!" They ended their post with, which anyone who has a southern cousin knows that's true - it's guns and regular Mountain Dew.


The woman was cited with discharging a firearm within the city limits.

"Come on people, this is Gastonia. SUN DROP ONLY," one commenter wrote, while another said they would understand had it been cans of Dr. Pepper.

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