Any time Whitey's Ice Cream reps announce a new flavor, I know I need to make a trip to the nearest shop and try a scoop.

Whitey's has announced a new flavor just in time for the holidays and it's a flavor you've probably experienced since it appears in candy form on most Christmas cookie trays.

If you've ever been to a holiday party, you've seen this festive candy on the table. This treat comes in different forms. Sometimes it's white with red and white chunks, or some candy makers dye the treat pink. I've even seen the candy served with a dark chocolate base with a creamy white middle and topped with red and white spicy chunks of holiday goodness.

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Whitey's new flavor is Peppermint Bark! The new concoction looks most like the last candy I described above. It's a white chocolate ice cream featuring a peppermint chocolate swirl and peppermint candy pieces.

Mmmm. Can't you just taste it?

Whitey's Ice Cream-Peppermint Bark
Whitey's Ice Cream-Peppermint Bark

You don't have to imagine it. You'll find the new flavor at all Quad Cities Whitey's locations.

It's a well-known fact that Whitey's can ship their delicious ice cream anywhere in the US, but did you know you can also send friends and family a Whitey's gift bundle.

Whitey's Ice Cream photo Gift bundle
Whitey's Ice Cream photo
Gift bundle

The bundle includes a ceramic mug, ornament, and a $5 gift card all wrapped together for easy gifting! Supplies are limited this year, so grab it in-store or purchase it online while supplies last here. 

Don't forget about this either, you can get flights of Whitey's Ice Cream. Flights include four different Whitey's flavors.

Maybe you'd like to get other holiday favorites like Egg Nog, Chocolate Cherry Bon Bon, Peppermint Cookie, and German Chocolate Cake.

Just remember those seasonal flavors won't stick around long. Enjoy them while you can or better yet, get yourself a quart or a gallon and enjoy it at home whenever you want.

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