People who can't taste anything because of COVID have been doing a TikTok challenge where they eat the grossest foods possible. So what better time to debut THIS new product.

Mountain Dew flavored HOT SAUCE is on the way.

They announced it online this week, and asked fans to vote on Twitter for the type of pepper they should use. So it sounds like even the Mountain Dew people don't know exactly what it'll taste like yet.

The voting ends this morning, and it looks like habanero peppers will get the most votes. They were the second-hottest option you could vote for after Fatalii peppers.


They're working with a hot sauce company called iBurn. And they got NBA player Joel Embiid involved, because he's a big hot sauce fan.

It's not clear when new Mountain Dew Hot Sauce will go on sale, or how many bottles they'll be selling. But they say it's a limited-edition thing for now.

Read more at Delish.

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