We've all seen the famous 'globe of death' stunt that motorcycles do, where they drive their bikes into a spherical cage and drive loops around. It's an older trick that's been around for a few decades, so what's the natural next step to make things more exciting?

That's right. Fire.

At a theme park in China, spectators were watching the exciting stunt - which was made more exciting with the use of sparklers emitting from the back of the bikes as they spun around.

One of them suddenly lost their grip, falling straight to the bottom of the sphere. Fuel spilled out of the motorcycle and nearly immediately caught fire from the sparklers that scorched the top of the globe.

New York Post via YouTube
New York Post via YouTube

While the one rider was trapped in the fire, the other motorcyclist continued to circle the cage while employees rushed over with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

The rider sustained leg and arm injuries and was taken to hospital, without providing any more details.

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