You can find an infinite number of photos online of misspelled tattoos. This might be the first time where someone handled their misspelling like this.

30-year-old Johanna Sandström from Kyrkhult, Sweden just shared her story about the tattoo she got a few years ago of her kids' names: Nova and Kevin.

But when she got home, she realized there was a big problem: The tattoo artist had accidentally written "Kelvin" instead of "Kevin."

Johanna Sandström
Johanna Sandström

She went to a tattoo removal clinic, but when she found out how long and painful the process was, she decided to go a different direction. Johanna and her husband decided to legally change Kevin's name to Kelvin to match the tattoo.

She rationalized it like this: "I'd never heard the name 'Kelvin' before. So when I thought more about it, I realized no one else had this name. It became unique. Now we think it's better than Kevin."

And Kevin/Kelvin wasn't old enough to know the difference so as far as he knows, he's always been Kelvin.

Read more at The Local.

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